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History:Founded in 1978,Whampoa is one of the earliest architectural design institutes in Guangzhou,it has been developing for more than 40 years,and is a growing architectural design institute with the spring breeze of the country’s reform and opening-up.At that time,it was a small design room,has now developed into a domestic first-line,developers actively choose the Class A design institute,currently also has a number of industry main-stream real estate brands as strategic partners.




Service:Based on the current layout of the whole industry chain,our core competitiveness lies in the efficient,accurate,fair,mobile and flexible for the owners to provide consulting services throughout the construction process.The services cover planning,design,bidding agent,full cost control(estimates,estimates,budgets,settlement and final accounts prepara-tion and audit),construction project management,etc.




Feelings:Architectural design companies with historical background tend to pay more at-tention to the historical and professional feelings of the local design institute to the local history,humanities,customs,culture understanding more thoroughly,and therefore will pour more emotion into the works,will also get more local attention and recognition.In the fu-ture, we will further improve the construction of the entire industrial chain upstream and downstream related extension platform,solid foundation for enterprise development,and strive to develop the enterprise into a design-centric integrated,diversified group of companies,not just focus on the design of the quality and service of the works themselves.






Whampoa Spirit:The essence of Whampoa spirit is the spiritual strength with patriotism as its core,and at this stage the embodiment of the art of ingenuity is the pioneering action style that insists on promoting social progress and actively promoting the progress of the society. As far as the current commercial architectural design is concerned,the vicious competition of low prices has led to the emergence of a large number of crude architec-tural model goods without artistic and cultural characteristics,which resulted in the result be-ing a thousand cities.We should have the spirit of criticism and reconstruction,more com-mitted to the balance of culture,practicality and humanization as the starting point of architectural works.




Social Innovation:The process of urbanization is inevitable,how to protect the local envi-ronment and culture in the process of population migration to urban areas,urban devel-opment?In this process,compared to the intuitive appearance of In words,the spiritual and emotional link contained in,preserved and transmitted in architecture is more import-ant. Architectural design should share the impact of globalization issues such as demo-graphic change,technological ization,urbanization and climate change on urban devel-opment,and promote social innovation through design to achieve influence and change the sense of experience of urban architecture.